Photo Tourism, Exploring photo collections in 3D, University of Washington, Computer Science and Engineering, UWCSE, GRAIL, Microsoft Research, Kevin Chiu, Andy Hou, Noah Snavely, Steve Seitz, Richard Szeliski, Siggraph 2006
Photo tourism is a system for browsing large collections of photographs in 3D. Our approach takes as input large collections of images from either personal photo collections or Internet photo sharing sites (a), and automatically computes each photo's viewpoint and a sparse 3D model of the scene (b). Our photo explorer interface enables the viewer to interactively move about the 3D space by seamlessly transitioning between photographs, based on user control (c).


Visit our PhotoCity project where you can help us reconstruct your neck of the woods.

We have also scaled up the vision algorithms behind Photo Tourism to work on entire cities. See the Rome in a Day project page for more details.

See our work on Finding Paths through the World's Photos.

Our structure from motion code is also now available at the Bundler homepage.

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